Friday, April 06, 2012

Technology breakthrough: Detect Magic

Often confused as to the nature of items found, adventurers approach clerics and wizards alike in search of knowledge of many items looted and stripped from the dead and dying, objects stolen from the tombs of the dead and other rapacious and ill thought of methods of acquisition, the worshippers Makicoradario have declared there services open to one and all.


For a small fee, theses clerics allow people to pileup objects before them and they will forthwith cast spells upon them and detect magics amongst the pile. Come one come all. There are dozens of clerics just waiting to serve you. Some are even willing to travel with adventurers and continually cast there magics in an effort to detect these magical items.


They guarantee 100% detection of magic within a ten foot wide by fifty foot long cone in front of them, though not its nature. For an extra fee they even reveal whether the magic is strong or weak.



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