Sunday, April 15, 2012

Classic Monsters is in the HOUSE

We received "Classic Monsters" later Friday night. The book looks awesome. Mr Hartsfield has done a bang-up job with a Castles and Crusades rendering of a metric ton of those old classic monsters found in those tomes and volumes from the early years of The Game.

Now we need a "Classic Adventures" line of modules to bring back that hack and slash and hack and slash and death and dying of those early games.

In High School we playing up in the attic of the apartment complex we lived in and had a "Wall of Death" where everyone would proudly pin their dead characters. When we moved out, the wall of death had many hundreds of sheets pinned to it.

The surviving characters went away with the players. Good times, good times.



Chet Cox said...

Dagnabbit, I want this RIGHT NOW! And all my other stuff! And a pony! With sparkles!

Dan C. said...

Very interested in the Classic Adventures idea... tell us more!