Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Runes

We are putting together a set of wooden tiles for the Winter Runes. The Runes of course are the ancient dwarven words of power that allowed them to travel the planes, specifically through the Rings of Brass. The magi of the White Order took the Runes and recast them as spells, that eventually allowed their Master, Trigal (Nulak-Kiz-Din), to summon the Horned God to the world of Aihrde.

The spells were each represented by a Rune, these Runes became things of power.

Its these runes we'll cast on the wooden tiles, this mimics a practice the White Order had in creating tiles from the Winter Runes in order to teach initiates the meanings of the runes. They often played games with them to better instruct them in their use.


Ronin78 (~Ronin~) said...

I imagined Dwarven runes to look more Celtic or Norse.

Davis Chenault said...

Normal runes written by Dwarves in Aihrde tend to be more blocky, simple. These however are words of power that combine multiple layers. Each rune is similar to a magic users written spell, so these are more complex.