Monday, December 26, 2011

Journy into the Cold!

We are drawing close to the release of Winter Runes, we are looking at a February release, and are now opening it up for pre-orders. Winter Runes includes a host of new spells for the RuneMark or for you favorite magic user, new equipment, magic items, new monsters, and more. Complete with playable setting with maps, towns, places of interest as well as encounter charts and a host of short set piece adventures.

Check it out on the Winter Runes pre-order page! Chose the package that meets your level of interest and place your order today! Higher level packages include the actual Winter Runes, carved on wooden tiles and in a wooden box. This is set up just like the kickstarter project we did for Classic Monsters, only the dour old Trolls are doing it themselves (we'll set up on kickstarter later for those more comfortable with that venue).

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