Tuesday, December 20, 2011

From the Holmgrad to the Sea

The Holmgrad Mountains hem in the Lands of Ursal from the North. They are stark mountain, cold and inhospitable. Though many trails lead into the mountains only one is known to cross the whole range from east to west, Yurn's Path. This path stretches the whole length of the Holmgrad Mountains, beginning in the lands Holmgald it snakes its away along the coast for many hundreds of miles until it issues forth near Unklar’s Horn. The path has many side branches and smaller paths. It is dotted with innumerable dwarven markers and stone structures that served as shelters. Many of these, called Sulole by the Dwarves, are elaborate with water, fire pits and defensible walls, others are simple dolmen structures. Yurn’s Path hugs the sea so that often it overlooks the turbulent, cold waters of the Inner Sea. Few but the northmen find habitation here, though many beasts, fell and strange, wander its length in search of prey.

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