Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Classic Monster Update

Hey folks,

Alright, as you know Classic Monsters was well on its way to completion when we launched the Kickstarter Project, well though I have updated the project over there, I thought a cross post would be a good thing.

Classic Monsters is laid out, we have three more hurdles before this goes to press. Peter has to finish the six color plates (as of this writing he is done with 3 of them and has started the other 3). These are inserted in the special deal Classic Monsters. The regular printing will have b/w pictures in their place. We are also waiting for Sarah Walker's pictures. She had 40 assigned to her and as of this writing she has completed 20 of them. And lastly we have to finish formatting the monster charts for the back of the book; these charts contain all the pertinent information about the monsters from all three major monster books.

So what does this mean. I suspect that by 1st week of January everything will be ready. We are hoping to have the full print run underway by January 10th. We'll do the special edition books first, get them signed, etc etc and start shipping as soon as we can.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who joined in the pre-order bash! It was a smashing success! Thank you.



Anonymous said...

Please, please, please do more preorders this way. It's great to both know how the project's doing in real time and also get extra goodies for putting the cash down early.

I'll be in, for sure, for the Adventurers Backpack and Book of Familiars.

Stephen Chenault said...

We are working on the video for Winter Runes right now actually. We are looking at launching it on both Kickstarter and on our own page, offering nice benefits for those who jump on board.

Thank you for the note, it helps to know these promos work!


Arduin said...

I hope you put the color pics in any eventual PDF version as there is no cost increase over producing B&W...