Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Writing Desk

As noted a week or so ago, Davis fell his computer and it does not work any more. It was a tower of gaming goodness, now its a heap of trash. He's been reverted to old school, 1995 know those far away years before our lives were defined by how many cords and devices we have? ;) I had an opportunity to snap a few shots of where he works. Presently on the note pad is the rough draft for A10 The Last Respite.

Of course someone will have to enter the adventure into a computer . . . and that will no doubt be me as I can translate Davisese and type fairly fast . . . and though a bit of a pain, its not worse than sorting through his computer files, generally named things like "shit" "shit 1" "extra shit" "stuff" "stuff kent (that's my middle name) needs now" etc etc etc.

Regardless, I can't help but feel a little bit of envy while looking at his desk.


Anonymous said...

I'm liking that box in the corner, but I can't make out the stand. Is it separate from the box, or all one unit?

--Just Jeff

Nicole Chenault said...

Aaaahahahaha! Are you sure that's Davis' world? Where's allthe stuff he generates just by sitting down? Its entirely too tidy...and "shit" is a good name for a file. I've got a few named that myself. :)

Stephen Chenault said...

I think that is a sewing box? I'm not sure.

That's Davis' world without computers! Wonderful! haha