Monday, October 31, 2011

Walking Dead

So I've been watching the Walking Dead lately, caught up with last season which I enjoyed and have been keeping up this year. Its very good but I must confess the characters are beginning to wear on me a bit. What at first was slight doubts and questions has become a torrent of whining and 'why are we here' and then last night's ending scene made a questionable character altogether evil. No Green Lantern in that guy. The only redeeming characters right now are secondary, Glenn, Singleton, and the only truly redeeming character Norman the Redneck...who keeps asking all the others "what's wrong with you people? you still alive!?"

Its good but the belly aching needs to stop. Its wearing thin.

note: the blond chick Andrea is coming around.


Drance said...

I don't think Shane (the guy who left Otis behind) is evil necessarily. I think all of the characters are, obviously, under a mountain of stress and fear all the time. Under those situations, there's bound to be some "survival of the fittest" action that's going to crop up. Think of it this way: Shane's loyalty is to his group, his partner's son is dying, and he has very inappropriate feelings for his partner's wife. He probably was feeling a lot of obligations toward Rick and his son Carl. I'm not saying Shane's justified in any way for what he did. But I think I can see why he did what he did, and it's not necessarily because he's "evil."

Stephen Chenault said...

Yeah, I get ya. Saving the boy is paramount for him, and not the running random stranger. Of course that dude did save is his life twice in the course of an hour. The writers are trying to capture a touch of realism, though I'm not sure how many of us would do that. We are herd animals and I think it goes against our grain to wantonly sacrifice part of the herd.

But I think my basic problem with that is that I like heroes in my fiction. The world is brutal, life is sharp, and without something to look up to, green lantern and all that, we seem to wallow too much. Never was a fan of the reluctant hero type.

And that is my growing unease with the show, these characters are starting to wallow too much...sure there are walking dead eating you kin folk! Get over it. At least the phone isn't ringing! haha

The Dungeoneering Dad said...

Just watched it and I agree with you, Steve. That was a bit much. Hell, I think the show could have achieved a similar effect even if Otis was caught by the zombies while Shane escaped. Having Shane toss him to the wolves like that was a bit much.

On a side note, am I the only one that in sick way would welcome a zombie apocalypse? Ha, sure would eliminate a lot of the clutter of life!