Thursday, October 20, 2011

Viking Boat Burials

UK Archeologists have uncovered a Viking boat, largely intact, in the West Highlands (I'm not really sure where this is, but I assume its in the western part of England or Scotland and in some area known as the Highlands ha). The Ardnamurchan Viking boat consisted of pieces of the boat, in the midst of which lay a Viking Warrior. He possessed a sword with a decorated hilt, a spear, a shield boss and a brass ring pin. 


James said...

Hi Stephen,

Ardnamurchan is peninsula area of the Western Scottish Highlands, just north of the Isle of Mull, and a long long way from England.

It looks fairly remote to me, and is apparently partly volcanic caldera. I'll bet it's windswept and rainy but beautiful on a sunny day.

They probably kill and eat English people there ;-)

DRANCE said...

Hey Steve, I heard from Ed at All Things Fun that A8 is headed our way, as will A9 shortly! Can't wait. Currently getting ready to run the group through A1 after tormenting them with A0!

P.S. Is Davis alright? We haven't heard from him since he posted the news about Arch West. Did the Dorito thing hit him hard?

Stephen Chenault said...


Sounds very quiet! Someplace I would like to be. That poor Viking laid to rest listening to the sea for a thousand years; now he gets to be dropped in a tin box in an archive somewhere.

That's my Viking Lament for the day!

(and woe for the English upon the Isle of Mull!)

Stephen Chenault said...


Good news that! I talked to Ed last week. Good times.

Davis' computer suffered and insufferable fall, well, he fell it and brought it to me to fix. In the meantime he's broken out a pad of paper and pen. I have some great pictures of his writing desk on the Ipad I'll post if I can figure out how to get them the heck off the thing.