Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shipping Rates

Davis and I have been contemplating slashing shipping rates by half, or even dropping them altogether.


maasenstodt said...

I was just about to pull the trigger on a purchase at your store this very evening when I was taken aback by the high cost of shipping. I want to support TLG, but when the shipping costs equal or exceed the cost of the book itself, I'm pretty reluctant to buy.

Stephen Chenault said...

The priority shipping can be expense. But its standard and that is a plus. I'm curious, was the purchase for a discounted book? I'm wondering because the shipping for say, Monsters and Treasure (normally 20 bucks) should be $5.80 or thereabouts. If its not I have to go blow something up! haha

maasenstodt said...

I was looking at Dark Journey to start - $7 plus $6 shipping. Adding a copy of Harvesters, on sale for $5, added an additional $5 for shipping. $11 to ship two smaller titles seems excessive to me.

Are there other shipping options that could be made available?