Tuesday, October 25, 2011


It would seem that in Dole, France, in 1562 Gilles Garnier was accused of being a werewolf. Seems children had gone missing in the area and their bodies were found in the woods where a local hermit and his wife lived (the aforementioned Giles). When another child went missing hunters tracked him and found him (the child) being torn apart by wolves. One of the wolves had the appearance of Gilles so he was eventually arrested and put on trial. Over 50 people took oath against him. He was put on the rack, tortured, confessed to being a werewolf and then burned at the stake. Historians speculate that he found hunting children easier than wild-life and reason that he confessed under torture.


Maybe he was a werewolf!!!

Its time for the World of Aihrde in general and Castles & Crusade in particular to have a good treatment for Lycanthropes.

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