Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Bull and Pasiphae

So it seems that Minos' wife was cursed when Minos failed to sacrifice a given bull to Poseidon. She fell in love with the White Bull sent by Aphrodite. She had a cow fashioned and climbed inside it so she could copulate with the beast. From that union came the dreaded Minotaur.  Later he is tossed into a cell.

All this comes to light of course as their is a Maze in Winter Runes (a book being converted to Castles& Crusades) and I'm curious to work in the mythology of the beasts with the game. Of course the problem always is that there are more than one minotaur in fantasy gaming.

Regardless of that, the original story is really interesting and makes one wonder where it originated from. Beats the heck out of Thor's magical goats, that's for sure!

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