Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RIP to Arch West - creator of Doritos

Arch West has been credited with creating the Doritos chip/brand while working for the Frito Lay company. He served in WWII in the navy.

RIP and thanks for Doritos. Many a smile has been generated by that simple food.


DRANCE said...

Noooooo! RIP! Doritos are my kryptonite, man. They are my favorite snack food, period. When there's a bag around, I usually black out. Then when I wake up, the bad is empty, I feel sick to my stomach, and there's orange dust all over the place (if the bag was Nacho Cheese).

Ronin78 (Gaming Ronin) said...

I think I'm running to the store for a bag right now in his memory. Which is saying something since I'm on a very restricted diet right now.