Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monte Cook back to D&D/WotC

Monte Cook is going back to? the D&D line and looks to be heading up R&D. So a new version is on the horizon.


5th time is the charm? I look forward to the revisions.


wrathofzombie said...

You know I really think it's cool for you to look forward to the revisions of D&D, being that you yourself are a publisher. I love C&C (although sadly a late comer to it's awesomeness) and really hope that D&D 5e can even come close to what C&C does so simply.

So grats to you for being able to do what a whole team of people were incapable of doing (that's just my opinion).

Anonymous said...

Monte coming back! Oh goodie! It's like the Wonderpets sing to my kids every day, "We are coming to SAVE you baby D&D"

Ronin78 (Gaming Ronin) said...

From what he has been writing I think not on the 5th ED. Sounds more like some sort of additional material to the current edition. But I could be wrong.