Saturday, September 24, 2011

Joe the Lawyer changes careers. Becomes Engineer

Joe's latest (and first to my knowledge) creation.

In addition to becoming an engineer with a specific focus on ancient medieval experimental siege craft for use against gnomish settlements, he is becoming a lumberjack and clear-cutting his backyard.


JoetheLawyer said...

Not bad huh? It's all in the duct tape. I figured it was a successful project when the nephews and nieces started to use it to shoot their favorite Star Wars guys around the yard. :)

Davis Chenault said...

An enterprising D&D character would invent duct tape. That would then become the one object every successful dungeon delver would have.

I like the catapult. Light a toy soldier on fire and shoot it across the yard :)

JoetheLawyer said...

I'd been saving those big thick johnny bench batter up elastics for years for just such an occasion. :)