Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Earliest coins were electrum?

Not necessarily. In the 7th century BC electrum coins were minted in Miletus. The Stater (or standard) electrum was equal to a months pay for a soldier. So what could an electrum buy? I have no idea. But consider that one electrum would be equal to the pay of a sgt in the army today. I am guessing around 2000.00 equivalence (as the army sees it, maybe more) and 1600.00 in real pay. I have no idea.

Now what can that buy?


Fredrik Hansson said...

If it is payment to a soldier: an awful lot of drink.

Stephen Chenault said...

After a year in the army, I realized I really did not have to spend my money on anything at all. So I bought beer.

Lots of it!