Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ancient Summerian city - Mari

Cool concept for a city design.

Wiki link.


Anonymous said...

Very cool looking city. I love that they diverted the river to form a canal through the city.

Davis Chenault said...

Yeah its pretty at the same time. Notice the "green space" in it as well. Probably for orchards, temple grounds and houses for wealthier inhabitants. It may also serve some defensive purpose.

In any respect the city does not appear to be organic, rather quite highly designed.

SpiralBound said...

Also interesting is that according to the wikipedia article, this Sumerian city apparently existed for 5000 years, was sacked and then completely forgotten about until discovered by accident in 1933! They've been excavating it for decades since and still haven't reached the bottom layers. Like most ancient cities, it's really many cities, all built on top of each other.

Stephen Chenault said...

Like Troy with its various levels - and once thought to be mythical. Archaeologist have pushed back the city foundation dates several thousand years again such that Katul Hayuk (again)is no longer considered the oldest city (something I learned in my first anthropology intro class in 1983 or so).