Thursday, October 16, 2008

Of Monthly Beginnings

Today a bit hectic here...

Mark is working over an outside project.

Peter continues to slog away on Arms and Armor.

I released a press release about Crusader going monthly. Of course the address books proved a problem and didn't port correctly into Thunderbird so I spent too much time unraveling that little problem. Finally abandoned it and began using Outlook for the PR. More scheduling work as I look where to fit the (tentatively) titled Halls of Adventure, C&C Hardbook into the roster as well as Victorious and Pulp Siege.

I'll also wrap up Book 1, Chapter 6 on NPCs for the CKG and finish the opening for Book 1, Chapter 1, Multi-classing. Davis is going over Book 1, Chapter 1 the Classes. I think he is working on the Rogue together.

I also had a long talk with Davis, Todd, Mark and err myself...about the Monsters & Treasure 2 and Monsters and Treasure of Aihrde books. We laid out some guidelines for the Treasure section in MT2. So that was all good.

Liz is bothering me about final art pieces for Crusader 13, so we suspect that is wrapping up shortly.

Also I hope to debut the T-shirts this weekend.

Thanks for Playing.

1 comment:

Dale said...

Good grief my friend...

When do you & Davis have time to have any fun. Why don't you guys move out to Vegas? This way you can work & play too.

We can work sitting at the poker tables. =)