Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Darkest of the Hillside

In the thick of it now.....

Mark is finalizing Upper Works, will ship it tomorrow probably. This to distributors.

Peter working on cover for A7, maps for A6 and final interiors for Arms and Armor.

Jim and Liz are working on Crusader 13. Should be ready for print this week.

Brian updating the store for the Crusader subscription options.

I'm on scheduling this morning, updating cover files and new announcements. Will turn my attention to CKG, NPC section and Muliclassing section. As well as work on some new monsters...Mogrl I think. Prep and release Shades of Mist as a PDF.


1 comment:

billygygax said...

I'm wondering if you know of a strange place called"Chubby Pussy's"?
Very dark,scary,smells funny and you always have to watch you tail so no one steps on it or drinks out of your bowl.