Tuesday, September 30, 2008

International Crises

Not really a crises. More along the lines of a huge necessary correction. We've talked about a huge bail out of the whole system, but really it just needs some long over due correction, updating, expansion and with some better oversite. Its been a costly pain in the rump to stop everything and focus on the problem at hand, but its necessary sometimes. Its a natural cyclic event that all businesses must go through. Growth and expansion, Fall and retraction.

That's right, I'm talking about my email. Its been on the fritz for about two years now and not really able to do what I need it to do. I've been working this problem since last Thursday. I've managed to get nothing done other than shouting at my computer, paypal, amazon and a dozen other sites as I bring in a new email address to be posted soon...actually two and made a dozen other changes to the way information flows here in the offices.

First: I've switched off of Microsoft and over to Thunderbird. Thunderbird allows me to set up mail boxes, much as my old Netscape did, that are separate from each other so that email is funnelled into the correct inbox and not all jumbled together. We've about ported everything but address books over. So a few more days before this change is complete.

Second: We are porting over the whole site to a new provider. This is going to take several days and probably crash the site a number of times throughout the week and maybe weekend.

Third: Answering all email and deleteing those that aren't necessary. This is amost done.

So look for furhter chaos, but in the end, don't eat your babies, it will improve (was that a metaphor for the market?)



John Adams said...

Good call Steve! I sure hope it makes communication a whole lot easier for TLG!

Chris said...

You need to GTD!


Seriously check this out.

Josh said...

See, you follow my advice and the world all falls into place. :D

Stephen Chenault said...

Credit where credit is due, Josh of StarSiege fame, informed me about Thunderbird, of course he had me at "they made netscape"

ahhh netscrape!


Josh said...

So what web host did you guys end up going with?