Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Week's Beginning

Monday was a good day, got a great deal of administration done. We are still winding down from Troll Con and other events have kept me from processing the sales and registration data. I managed to get the done and unpacked the boxes to boot. Mark was secretly hoping to keep them packed for Gencon I suspect, but none of that for me. ha. Ran some invoices, paid some contractors, balanced the books, billed some venders and outsource printing jobs. Writing assignments for the CKG went out to Robert Doyel and Mike Stewart.

I tackled the final format of James M. Ward's Towers of Adventure. Jason Walton sent the final art over, fast and sharp as usual, and the box needed its final touches before going to the press. It should make the show with little problem. The picture presented on the website is not the final by the by. That is a picture of Nulak Kiz Din's Towers, the picture for Towers of Adventure is even sweeter!

Also put a wrap on Book 5 of Upper Works and saw it to the print shop.

The afternoon saw me formatting the Monsters & Treasure 2nd printing for release in electronic format. Doesn't take long but kind of a pain to do. I released it on RPGNow shortly after it was complete and then turned my attention to the long neglected Paizo.com site, uploading 13 different files that should appear in the next few days.

Did a little shop cleaning at the end of the day and scheduled an interview for Tuesday night (that's now).

Today was almost entirely devoted to Crusader and Gencon. The proofs of #11 came back and I wanted to change some stuff around. So there's been a lot of scrambling all day, rewriting on my part and cleaning off a new monster to get it in the magazine. Jim and Liz reacted to my about face on several items and formats in good sport and its all being affected. Crusader is my baby and I get a little particular about it as I don't about other things.

The Gencon paper work isn't too much but things need read, filled out, signed and faxed or at least put in the convention folders so we will have them at the show. More filing of course.

Peter has been hammering away on various gencon related projects and Mark printing like mad. Tomorrow promises to be a bumpy day I wrecken!

Thanks for Playings

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