Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Postings

Friday was a day wholly devoted to emails as my account had mounted to some 636 unanswered emails. By days end it was down to 390. It was actually relaxing, especially considering the week's tangle of business. Mark had a more interesting day, he took the truck to pick up about a ton of paper and bring it back. When he arrived at the paper warehouse it began raining...not a cloud in the sky he was stuck for awhile. Eventually he got the paper loaded and headed back dodging small rain bursts. We've learned if you drive fast enough in the rain most blows off the items in the bed of the truck (Todd and I did this at O-Dark-Thirty one night coming back from Origins. It began to pour, we were in the middle of no where with no tarp and lots of product. We drove like madmen to escape the downpour until we found a truck stop awning to duck under. He was listening to Cheech and Chong and I don't know if that was worse than the rain or not).

On Mark's return trip from the paper men he tried to drop the wraps off for several boxes we are producing but Patrick, ex-navy chief box maker, had locked his shop up and headed out. The woman there wouldn't let Mark in despite his pleas that he needed to drop some stuff off. Ha! That'll larn him. I helped him unload the paper over at the Shop, and it was a hell of a task in the grueling heat, but a welcome retreat from the office and this computer.

I generally try to take the weekends off, but generally fail. Updates are turned over to Brian the Webmaster on Sundays and these are usually not written until Sunday.

But today I was determined to not meddle in Trollish affairs, but Peter defied me. Sitting in Tulsa OK at Conestoga Con he sought after something to occupy his time. He wanted to lay out Shades of Mist and hollered at me. I took a few hours to go over Cory's edits and put in some small changes of my own. The book passed the first playtesters thoughts and looks to be good to go. I turned it all over to Peter this afternoon. The playtesters will run it through the mill work and get back to me with small corrections.

I suspect it will be print ready by mid-week at the latest and for sure out the week of Gencon.

I'll now wander off to find my book, The Deerslayer by James Fenimore Cooper. I've never read this, nor his more popularly known Last of the Mohicans, but I have found the read very relaxing, if a bit slow. The main character, Deerslayer (Hawkeye), is truly the template for a hero.

I do have to say this has been one of the most surreal weeks in TLG's history. So with that in mind here's a little music for you that I think sums it all up!

Thanks for Playing


grodog said...

Steve---If you like Cooper, check out The Spy, which is my favorite of his novels ...Allan.

Stephen Chenault said...

Thanks Allan. I'll check it out. I've about wrapped this one up! Good stuff.