Friday, October 24, 2014

On the Other Side

Sons of Tefnut

It is then that the dwarves of Grundliche Hohle set aside all memory of the Kinship Disputes and set forth with a great host. They crossed the great Bridge of Ursal and scattered the goblins there. Crossing into the Massiff, they bridged Lake Orion and came to the foot hills of Norgorad-Kam. King Fundin II led them.

The goblins turned, fearing to be cornered in the high mountains between a hammer and anvil, and rallied, but the dwarves were too great and Fundin swept the goblins from the hills and valleys. An army from the Brass Halls issued forth and joined Fundin, so that the Kings fought shoulder to shoulder, driving the goblins to ground everywhere they went. But the host was vast and rallied, strengthened by fresh ranks from the Bleached Hills and they pushed the dwarves back almost the gates. And thus it was that the sons of Tefnut came to their aid, the men of the Ethvold. They came with spears and bows and fell upon the goblin, catching them wholly unawares. And the goblins turned and to fight and the dwarves fell upon them from above. In this way the greater host of the goblins in those lands were destroyed and driven into the Ethvold, where the Ethrum, sons of Tefnut, hunted them like wild animals and slew them wholly. None, of all that host, ever left the Ethvold

~The Codex of Aihrde

UFO Files

West Virginia is getting buzzed apparently. In the past three weeks they've had four sightings of low flying craft, all unidentified. And its not small.

In one sighting ten coal miners and or friends/family members saw three triangular shaped craft about the size of a football field pass over the tree line roughly 500 feet above the ground.

In another sighting, very similar to what happened in Colorado last week a softball sized globe was seen moving through the clouds...presumably much larger at close range.

Lots going on in West Virginia. Read on!

I absolutely love the concept of alien visitors. The whole idea breaks the norm and offers the world a look at something utterly new and different.

Daily Cosplay


Tractor Beams

Over in Australia (unless your reading this in Australia, then its under neath you) scientists have put together a tractor beam that can grab glass particles and pull them several inches. Essential the beam is a laser whose outer ring is hotter than the cooler inner a donut according to livescience. The beam was directed at small glass spheres, about .008 inches in diameter, those in the inner, cooler portion of the beam were pulled forward. Head over to Livescience for the full run down of how it works, its pretty cool.

Tractor beam, not too far away now.


Armor Up (Don Justo)

John Carter Returns to ERB

Warner Brothers returned the film rights of John Carter and all things Barsoom to the fine folks over at ERB. Inc. That means there will definitely not be a sequel to the movie adaptation that came out a few years ago, but it does mean that maybe someone else will scoop it up and give it another go. 

John Carter and the setting on Barsoom has to be one of the coolest, unique and interesting world settings and characters out there. It has everything, from swords to science, guns to flying ships, exotic monsters, beautiful people, extraordinary action. Its really the world you want to be making movies about. 

What they need is a concrete story...which interestingly enough Edgar Rice Burroughs gave them plenty of, just adapt the first book baby! It would be bad ass!

Middle Earth's Epic Safety Video

Word of the Day -- Druid

A druid was a member of the educated, professional class among the Celtic peoples of Gaul, Britain, Ireland, and possibly elsewhere during the Iron Age. The druid class included law-speakers, poets and doctors, among other learned professions. Although, the best known among the druids were the religious leaders.

Very little is known about the ancient druids. They left no written accounts of themselves, and the
Now available
only evidence is a few descriptions left by Greek, Roman, and various scattered authors and artists, as well as stories created by later medieval Irish writers. While archaeological evidence has been uncovered pertaining to the religious practices of the Iron Age people, "not one single artifact or image has been unearthed that can undoubtedly be connected with the ancient Druids." Various recurring themes emerge in a number of the Greco-Roman accounts of the druids, including that they performed animal and even human sacrifice, believed in a form of reincarnation, and held a high position in Gaulish society. Next to nothing is known for certain about their cultic practice, except for the ritual of oak and mistletoe as described by Pliny the Elder.

The earliest known reference to the druids dates to 200 BCE, although the oldest actual description comes from the Roman military general Julius Caesar in his Commentarii de Bello Gallico (50s BCE). Later Greco-Roman writers also described the druids, including Cicero, Tacitus and Pliny the Elder. Following the Roman invasion of Gaul, druidism was suppressed by the Roman government under the 1st century CE emperors Tiberius and Claudius, and it had disappeared from the written record by the 2nd century.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Daily Cosplay

Dragon Fear

Frafnog did not pursue those hapless few. His rage was the fire of gods, and he turned north, intent upon vengeance against the God Emperors.

In towers of flame and fire he fell upon the cities of the Aenochians, and in his anger he cared not whether they were good men or bad. The Red God, Nehabak, fled in fear of the fell dragon, as he had no desire as yet to reveal himself. Frafnog scorched the lands of the Red River first, and then turned west and crossed into the lands of the Ethrum, and there hunted all he saw, burning towns and villages, boats on the rivers, men in their fields. Dwarves, elves, whatever creatures came into his view, all perished. The dragon moved over the Inner Sea, turning north along the mountains and crossing the plains. The beast visited his rage upon the Horse Tribes of Mardiu, and they fled from his wrath, or died on the steppes. He soared into the Channel Lakes to burn and scorch and leave his mark like none other. He passed down the Marl and brought a wave of destruction to the sea, scorching all that sailed its surface.

In the end Frafnog came to the lands of the Long River and Al Liosh. Coming from the south, he set all to ruin along the Udunilay, burning any and all, plundering, devouring, slaying all who challenged him. When Al Liosh at last stood before him, with her long walls of white stone, towers and temples, he hesitated. He flew slowly over the city looking upon the glory of its majesty. All there could see the weight of him and his size was beyond imagining. Four hundred feet long, and half as wide, wings that blotted out the sun. Frafnog, first born of Inzaa, his eyes emblazoned with his mother's ire.

When all had seen the dragon and the stink of his fear soiled the hearts of men, Frafnog fell, plummeting like a mountain into the city. The buffet of his wings


The Friendly Ghost

I hope that after I cross over, that if I come back, I come back as a friendly ghost. What's with all the angry ghosts? I see the movies and every haunted house has some pissed off spirit in it, wandering around scaring the bejimmenies out of children. What's with that? They're all so black hollowed eyed, creeping around in fuzzy light, moaning and so on.

Movie Trailer (Sneak Peak) ~ Avengers Age of Ultron

Table Top Season 3 a Wrap

Wil Wheaton announced on his blog that they have wrapped up the third season of Table Top. You can find out all the games and players and other bits and sundry over at his site. Check it out!

Wil Wheaton!

Armor Up (Agamenon)

Before 42, There was 40 and then 41

The echo of Lizzie Borden's horrific crimes echoed in my youth. Not that it was a daily, or even occasional conversation, but I knew who she was and vaguely what she had done. And it was horrible. She chopped up her parents with an ax. Its just one of those things, like the Manson murders, that was a backdrop to a backdrop. To say her name conjures an image of some fellow sitting in his chair as his child sneaks up behind him with an ax.

Apparently Lifetime made a series about her, Lizzie Borden Took an Ax, and it did so well they are doing a follow up series. Lizzie Borden the Fall River Chronicles is coming next.

Apparently they are going to follow her life after acquittal and the fictionalized deaths of people around her.

Lizzie Borden Took an Ax,
and gave her mother 40 whacks.
When she had saw what she had done,
she gave her father 41.

Movie Trailer ~ Halo: Nightfall

Word of the Day -- Pogonophobia

Pogonophobia is the fear of beards. The term is derived from the Greek words pogon for beard and phobos for fear. Its antonym would be "pogonophilia", that is the love of beards or bearded persons.
David Smith's 1851 publication of The Covenanter of the Reformed Presbyterian Church describes the Jesuits of Baden as suffering "a veritable pogonophobia at the sight of a democratic chin."

The term is generally meant to be taken in a jocular vein. In the 1920s, psychologist John B. Watson was able to condition this fear in a young boy by means of classical conditioning methods.

In August 2013 Christopher Oldstone-Moore, history lecturer at Wright State University in Ohio, and author of The Beard Movement in Victorian Britain[5] commented, "Facial hair for the past century has been thought to reflect a suspicious streak of individuality and defiance... Politicians, public servants and businessmen – and apparently journalists – risk their reputations if they abandon the razor."

Some relationship to "beardism" — discrimination based on facial hair — is claimed, and a difference in cultures is noted.  Some association with claims of unhygienic beards (e.g., among homeless men) and fashion preferences of women. That various religious groups treat beards more or less reverently is also a factor, for example in Judaism and in Islam. Similarly, some groups require beards and forbid shaving, which has an effect on that society's norms and perceptions.

I say: "Let your beard fly!!"

The Lazy Moon

North America will enjoy a partial solar eclipse this afternoon (the 23rd of Oct.). It will begin in the early or late afternoon, if you want to know where you stand in the moon's lazy walk across the face of the sun, click this PDF.

Don't forget!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Daily Cosplay


Before the forests of the Ethvold grew in the Valley of Kayomar, Amenut settled in those lands. He lived in the Mistbane river, a servant of Tefnut. It was here that Heth found him. A creature of careful thought, Heth came to Amenut without form. He settled upon a rock and watched Amenut, and the Frog God rose and spoke to him and they were ever after companions. So it was that Heth, a servant of Toth, came to dwell in Aihrde. In later ages he took up the duty of guiding the dead upon the Arc of Time, of judging them, or passing them on to his master, but he always loved the Ethvold and in time took the guise of a great crow, and so he dwelt ever after.

He was worshiped as a powerful god of the underworld by the Ethrum. Men worshiped him far and wide, and almost everyone made sacrifice to the crow god before any task. His great temple they built in the Oak Stand in the Downs of the Darkenfold. From there Heth herded the souls of men and brought them to the nether planes or the stone fields as he deemed they deserved. Men called upon him whenever they went into battle, traveled dangerous roads, or did anything that might cost them their lives. His followers were many and they followed an intricate system of rites in his worship.

In time, as the Ethvold failed, so did Heth. Now he dwells in the upper reaches of the Darkenfold, powerful upon the Arc of Time, but a shadow of his former self upon Aihrde.

~The Codex of Aihrde

Midnights Dreary


UFO Files

Colorado witnesses picked up some interesting footage in the early evening of October 14. It appears a small silver/white globe hovering in the sky until it slips behind a cloud. It apparently comes back several times and they get more footage of it. You can see all three videos here.

The witness felt it was more than one object, captured at different times. He filmed it all from his front porch.

The Other World

The Ends Makes it All Worth While

If your a toy collector, you might want to snatch up those Break Bad toys while you can. They are about to become a hot commodity I suspect, as Toys R Us is pulling them from the shelves. This after  a woman in Florida started a petition drive to force the store back to being kid friendly.

The figure in question is the title character, played by Bryan Cranston, is carrying a satchel of cash and a bag of blue crystals.

In protest to the petition protest Bryan Cranston announced on a tweet that he's so mad that he's burning all his Florida Mom Action figures.

That's A Whole Lot 'o Likeness

The actor who play Frankie Carbonne in Goodfellas, Frank Sivero, is suing the Simpspons and Fox for use of likeness rights or some such, claiming the Louie character in the Simpsons, is based off his character from Goodfellas.

He claims he was never compensated for the use of his character, that he created, even though he was promised a movie deal or "something in the future". Well he's asking for 250 million dollars. Louis has appeared in about 12 episodes of the Simpsons.

That's a whole lot of compensation. Read more.

Armor Up ~ Upon the Wall

Word of the Day -- Globe

A globe is a three-dimensional scale model of Earth (terrestrial globe or geographical globe) or other celestial body such as a planet or moon. While models can be made of objects with arbitrary or irregular shapes, the term globe is used only for models of objects that are approximately spherical. The word “globe” comes from the Latin word globus, meaning round mass or sphere. Some terrestrial globes include relief to show mountains and other features on the Earth’s surface.

There are also globes, called celestial globes or astronomical globes, which are spherical representations of the celestial sphere, showing the apparent positions of the stars and constellations in the sky.

The sphericity of the Earth was established by Greek astronomy in the 3rd century BC, and the earliest terrestrial globe appeared from that period. The earliest known example is the one constructed by Crates of Mallus in Cilicia (now Çukurova in modern-day Turkey), in the mid-2nd century BC.

No terrestrial globes from Antiquity or the Middle Ages have survived. An example of a surviving celestial globe is part of a Hellenistic sculpture, called the Farnese Atlas, surviving in a 2nd-century AD Roman copy in the Naples Archaeological Museum, Italy.

Early terrestrial globes depicting the entirety of the Old World were constructed in the Islamic world. According to David Woodward, one such example was the terrestrial globe introduced to Beijing by the Persian astronomer, Jamal ad-Din, in 1267.  The oldest surviving terrestrial globe is the Erdapfel, created by Martin Behaim in Nuremberg, Germany, in 1492.

No Boundaries