Saturday, April 30, 2016

High Level Inspiration

So a week or so ago, I ran a high level game, average level being 25. These games are challenging as the monsters just don't exist in the books that make it challenging. This is where you (as a game master) must needs rely upon the environment to make it tough or at least mysterious (I went with the latter).

I found the below picture on the net, just before the game and conjured the encounter of a living cloud bank...for Aihrde fans, the remnants of the poison of Unklar.

They had to enter the cloud....

Into the Valley of Fire

Friday, April 22, 2016

Castle Cool

Word of the Day -- Scorpio

The scorpio or scorpion was a type of Roman artillery piece. Also known by the name of the triggerfish, it was described in detail by Vitruvius. In the progressive evolution of catapults, the next major improvement after the scorpio was the cheiroballistra. A weapon of remarkable precision and power, the scorpio was particularly dreaded by the enemies of the Roman Empire.

The scorpio was a smaller catapult-type weapon, more of a sniper weapon than a siege engine, operated by one man. The scorpio was basically an early crossbow, a "catapult with bolts", probably first invented by the Greeks, then later adopted and used on a larger scale by the Roman legions. This catapult used a system of torsion springs to propel the bolts.

Reconstructed Scorpio, or Triggerfish

The temple stands under a few inche of water . . .