Friday, November 06, 2015

Notes from the Darkenfold

Lily Fare

This small glade lies at the feet of the Cherry Hills, consisting of a series of ponds and a stand of tall, straight sycamore trees. The Fare is open for the trees are spaced far apart, and the ground covered in lush grass and flowering plants. These trees, white with tints of darker bark, capture the light of the moon and hold it so that the Fare alone, of all the Darkenfold is lit by a pale luminescence, even on the darkest of nights. The Fare is well water with several streams, the water of which is cool and alive.

Few come here for the Fare is dangerous for its beauty hides a malaise that comes of those who come to Fare and partake of it. The water revives the desire of comfort and the grasses invite sleep and rest and those who lay their heads down upon the root ground can't help but hear the murmuring of the trees as they tell one another the tells of the world in the Days before Days. Many come to the Fare, but never leave, their bodies wasted away with time, but never with want for the sleep is comforting and the tales worth hearing.

~ The Darkenfold

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