Friday, November 20, 2015

Musing on the Walking Dead

Long time viewers of this blog know I'm a huge fan of the Walking Deak. I came to the show late. It was already in third season (I think). I was bored one night, and having seen some of it, thought I would give it a go, as there was nothing else out there  (an Netflix had just released the first two seasons, or just the first, I can't remember the exact sequence). But I watched S1 E1 and was instantly hooked. S1 E2 just cemented the whole thing. It had everything I love in apocalyptic shows....gritty, knuckle-bashing, blood smeared, abandoned-house people carving a niche out of a world suddenly gone primeval.

Good stuff.

Six seasons in, I'm still hooked. This one has started out great and carried through for the first half dozen episodes flawlessly.

I am however ready for the group to get back together. I get that all these episodes is one single day, taken from everyone's perspective, but the group is scattered in my real time, and needs to get back together. Not because its bad story...its a great story, and a bad ass concept to do one day in 10 or so episodes...but rather because I'm a 'keep the chickens together' type of guy! 

And these folks are scattered far and wide!

Loving the show!

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