Thursday, November 05, 2015

Library Conversations

Artwork by Ken Kelly. No claim to ownership made.
Hey, everyone, Jason here. Thought you'd all enjoy some snippets of conversations I've had with one of my favorite kids here at the library. This first one was from a few weeks ago. He was playing a fantasy game online:

KID: Ugh! Jason, do you know what goblins are?

ME: *blinks* Of course I know what goblins are.

KID: Why are goblins so annoying, Jason!

ME: It's their job. They're goblins.

KID: This is nuts. What's a goblin's weakness?

ME: Being stabbed in the face.

KID: That's not really a weakness.

ME: It is, actually. You'd be surprised how many things have face-stabbing as a weakness.


KID: Jason, I'm trying to think of a new question to ask you. I've asked you, like, everything already.

ME: Yes. Yes, you have. No need to think of anything else. You've already asked me everything.

KID: No, I have to think of something. I've got it! What's your favorite comic book? I've asked you who your favorite superhero is, but not your favorite comic!

ME: Right now about the only comic I read regularly is Conan.

KID: ...the talk show host?

ME: *sigh* No...the Barbarian. 

KID: ...Oh. (Walks away)

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