Monday, November 30, 2015

5 Line Movie Review ~ Slow West

After much struggle with the Apple TV (not normally a problem, but found out other inhabitants of my domicile were skype-gaming, downloading some mega-game from a steam sale and uploading youtube game videos) I managed to get the western movie Slow West rambling on the TV. I enjoyed the film, but there were some oddities.

Slow west is a rather slow moving movie, but not slow as in bad, slow as in travel in the 'old west was slow' type of slow. Setting was refreshingly different, scrub pine and high plains. The acting was perfect, story good (if a bit far fetched, finding two people who traveled from Scotland, changed their names, settled in a lonely patch in the western United States would be damn near impossible in 1870 odd time frame), overall feel of the movie spot on. But the movie kept slipping into some social commentary, not very subtle exposition about the wiping out of the indigenous population - the subtext portraying the American Indian as if they just rolled over and died, which is far from the case, these warrior nations fought valiantly, like lions, for a century against what were impossible odds - and then an odd focus on the brutality of inhabitants in the west....which assuredly everyone was not a brutal murdering thief or gunman. But the tale itself was well done, and beautifully rendered, so the movie is well worth the watch!

I give it 3 and a half butter and popcorns. 

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