Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ride With the Devil

So I found myself watching Ride with the Devil until 2 in the am last night. Its a fantastic movie starring Toby Macquire and Jewel. It charts the lives of 4 Missouri bushwhackers and their battles with the Kansas Jayhawkers during the American Civil War. Its exceptionally well made and captures that rather tumultuous time fairly well I think.

But I have to say Jewel did a fantastic job in this movie. She is actually a very natural actress and should look to the movies to augment a crazy successful career. Though I seem to remember that she didn't like the experience and was done with it after Ride.

But regardless, watch the  movie. Its very good.

Here's one of the best scenes in it, Toby's character is about tired of the killing and war.

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