Monday, June 01, 2015

History's First Murder?

So as you probably heard archeologists have found the skull of an early human with the right side of his head bashed in. It looks like he took two blows to the head with something, a rock, club, baseball bat or some such (though the baseball bat theory is being questioned).

All very interesting, none of it very surprising (certainly not to the archeologists, who study animal behavior), but what is interesting, is the picture choice chose with the article that is circulating around the internet.

I'm not faulting the picture, its pretty interesting in a  We are the World type of picture, but why in the world show it with a murdering caveman who may have killed up to 40 people and thrown them in a deep hole?

I would have gone with one of these...

A traditional Frazetta piece of primeval will.

Or maybe Larry, Curly and  Mo for a light touch.

Or even the poor bastard who had his head stove in!

The internet is giant swirl of noise and color...keep up the pace science people!

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