Tuesday, May 12, 2015

To Toy or not to Toy

So I salvaged this guy from several boxes and certain storage room hell! This is a Marx Toy made in the 60s and 70s, the Knight.

I myself had the Viking, and Davis had the Knight thought in all the many years the Knight vanished from our toy vault. This one I purchased for his birthday a few years back. 412 kids later and some of his gear is missing.

These are the types of toys I would like to see TLG making. I love toys. Being a toy maker would be awesome. We are sort of close, we make games, but they aren't quite the same thing.

Now sure how viable such toys would be in today's market. I know people my age look back on them and thing how cool they were, and then shake are scaly fists at young people and their entertainments, but I'm not really one of those people (I love the Xbox 360). I do however think there may be room for such things.

But regardless, they are pretty cool for my own nostalgic meanderings. And giving a home to his armored bastard is alright in any case!

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