Thursday, April 02, 2015

Walking Dead Rates Up

Walking Dead finished on a high with over 15 million viewers this past week. That's the best for the series season finale yet. The show's run has been a hall mark of success, from its quiet opening to its hammer pounding the ratings.

It helps that its a good show. If you haven't watched, its on Netflix. Catch up. You'll be glad you did.

I think a huge appeal is the struggle these characters have in the post apocalypse world. From finding food and water, shelter, to fighting others who seek the same resources. Its the first time we've seen it played out over time.

And there are always zombies, that helps too!


Shane Stacks said...

The appeal for me with is Walking Dead, I was a huge Romero fan growing up but I always wanted to see what happened next, always ended too soon. As you said, we get to see what happens over time.

Also, the writing is really really good.

Anonymous said...

I thought Romero's original ended nice and neat. In the morning they killed all the zombies, problem solved.