Monday, March 30, 2015

The Lost City on Kickstarter!

On Kickstarter now...The Lost City of Gaxmoor
Fifteen years ago Troll Lord Games -- fresh in the RPG market -- joined with Ernest Gary Gygax Jr. and his brother Luke Gygax, to bring to life their amazing city, The Lost City of Gaxmoor. The city, caught up in the ruins of time and under the heels of chaos, proved an instant hit and helped place TLG firmly in the RPG market.
Going out of print when TLG moved away from d20, the Lost City returned to the brothers Gygax, where it sat in quiet retirement, leaving only the memories of many blood-soaked adventure hours.
But now, after many years, the Lost City returns to the Troll Dens! This time, under the Castles & Crusades banner!
The Lost City unleashes all the wild imaginings of the brothers Gygax, bringing them to your gaming table! A seamless blend of the old world's iron grinding action and the Siege Engine, Gaxmoor promises an epic montage of wreck and ruin.
Introduction by Frank Mentzer!
FUNDING GOALS: The Lost City of Gaxmoor is a 120 page book, scheduled to release as a softcover book with the sprawling city map divided up into 8.5 x 11 sheets and set within the book. But it needs a far better treatment.  TLG's goals with this are to bring it out in hardcover format and to release the city map in a full color, 18 x 22 inch poster. Our basic goal is to hit a hardcover book, but the stretch rewards will build the project into so much more!
Join us! Join the Fray! Bring The Lost City of Gaxmoor back to the gaming table in all the glory the wealth of its adventure deserves!
EARLY BIRD: All early bird backers receive a soft cover edition of the Lost City of Gaxmoor. You must back the 25.00 pledge level or above. This copy ships with your kickstarter package unless you are at GARY CON VII. All Early Bird backers receive a digital copy at Kickstarter close.

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