Monday, February 09, 2015


I watched quite a bit of Spartacus last night. Its a good show, it takes its over the top approach and embraces it so that its really cool. The first season is exceptionally good, the other four, really good.

It did jostle a nerve at one point.

In the final battle there are some crazy tactics on the field that could only come from a movie/tv show maker. Someone who wants there to be some really cool tactic that changes the day, making the smaller, more just army, able to win. Its almost always off kilter. In this one the rebels dig a thousand foot long trench, fill it with spikes, cover it with something, hide it, and then hide ladders in the dirt on their side. When the Romans fall into the trench, the invincible legions are stopped, then the rebels pull the ladders out of the dirt, drop them across the trench onto the shields of the Romans and run over the ladders and the trench and attack the legions.

Its very hollywood as they say.

But the battle is kick ass. The final fight between Spartacus and Crassus is really cool. They never punk the Romans, which is something I like.

Check it out. Its on Netflix now.

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