Thursday, February 26, 2015

Apparently There's a Dwarf Planet There

I want to say that I knew this, but I didn't know this. At least, if I did know this, its been lost in the jumble of a trainwreck of information that criss crosses my noodle pan and a 100 different junctions. 

But there is a dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter. It hangs out in the asteroid belt and they have named it Ceres. 

But anyway, as the Dawn spacecraft approaches Ceres she has detected first one, then two, very bright lights glowing on the planet/asteroid/dwarf planet's surface. Astronomers aren't certain what is causing the lights.

But Scott Warring is! They are Bombay doors opening and closing. They guard a huge port facility that lies inside Ceres, housing an alien species!

“These are massive doors that open to allow ships in and out. Yes, I’m saying Ceres was turned into an alien space station… where they live inside… underground where it’s safe.

“Its surface covered in dust that protects the station below from attacks, meteorites and radiation. Death star comes to mind?”

Read the full article abotu Scott Warring over at Inquistr.

Regardless, we'll know more soon as Dawn turns it them to stone...wait, that's trolls in Middle Dawn will have more photographs before long (or she'll get shot down and be the first causality in an intersolar war.

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