Monday, December 29, 2014

Aihrde on Kickstarter

The Faulerde
A whole different classification is given to those mortal creatures, created upon the forge of the All Father. These are called the Faulerde, the people of the All Father: dwarves, goblins, humans, sentients, giants, trolls, and other such creatures. They are wholly different than the Three Orders of the gods. Many of them consider themselves greater than (not more powerful than) any of the Three Orders. This is why, in the Days before Days, dwarven kings stood up to any number of the Val Eahrakun, demanding they leave their halls, and so forth. They knew they could not destroy these creatures of the Void, but they instinctively knew the All Father had made the creatures, the Val Eahrakun, and set them aside as flawed.

Of the Dwarves
The dwarves were created from the All Father’s rage and frustration. He tried to create the creatures of his mind’s eye and could not and he destroyed his hammer upon the anvil in the attempt. In rage he shaped the raw stuff of creation with his hands and thus the first dwarves came to be. They were called “The First Born” for they were the first peoples of the All Father and for that were cast in his image. They scattered across the world and unlike all those who had come before they set to mimicking the All Father and shaping the world to their own desires. In time they grew numerous and built kingdoms far and wide across Aihrde. There were 14 great kingdoms and these spawned a host of lesser kingdoms. They mostly settled in the far western lands, but also in the greater Aenochina landmass to the east. Some settled the island kingdoms of Alanti. Their greatest kingdoms were Gorthurag (First Home) and Grausumhart (Grimjaw). Since the end of the Age of Dwarves the dwarves have become scattered. Only a few of the great kingdoms of old remain and fewer still of the lesser. They are found most anywhere but are not common to most lands, living rather in small enclaves, towns, and villages. Only in the kingdoms of Grundliche Hohle and Norgorad-Kam are there dwarves in great numbers.

The dwarves hold one overriding religious belief, and that is that they owe a debt to their creator. Only through action and deeds can that debt be repaid. It is for this reason that there are few evil dwarves and many of their people, if not all, are very skilled craftsmen. It is important to note that a dwarven paladin's deeds speak as loudly as a smith's creations, so that one may repay his debt on the battlefield while another repays it on the forge.

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