Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Endless Pools

This is the realm where the Arc of Time settles. They are also called the Darkling, or “Where Memories Lie.”  It is a bog, dark and dismal, cast in shades of gray and ruled by a limitless pool of unmoving time. It is where the lonely dead come, whether man, humanoid, beast, demi-human, or god. Those creatures who are without gods or spiritual homes come to the plane to reside in this, their drab afterlife. Sailors fear drowning and curse the Endless Pools, for it is believed that many of those lost at sea spend eternity in the Endless Pools. 

Toth, the Shadow of Erde, dwells here in a tower made that overlooks the Arc and Pools. From its apex he watches all that walk the road and sends messengers such as Heth to judge them, or he judges them himself, guiding them on to the Stone Fields or the Wretched Plains, or keeping them in the Pools as is his want.

Those who dwell here are burdened by the weight of time and are vacant and hollow, feeling nothing but a vague sense of loss. They wander, slowly, moving through the bog, lost and without purpose. The spirits of the elves come here, ever since the Winter Dark Wars and the Curse of the Elves.m.

~The Codex of Aihrde (coming to Kickstarter)

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