Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Andanuth (Codex of Aihrde)

The Andanuth has been released to pre-order for the Codex of Aihrde. The Andanuth is Chapter One of the Codex and has been spotlighted here for many months as the Codex of Aihrde.

Here's another snippet.

In the beginning was the Void and the Void stood empty of all form. With his first thought the All Father brought light to the Void and in this light he could see the empty space from its beginning to its end and he saw that the Void was both enduring and timeless.

The All Father saw the Void as a place unrelenting and he cast out upon it. A great wind rose about him and this was his second thought and he governed it, so that it stood like a vessel upon the Void, wide and open and from it all his thoughts flowed as a river into the Void. But the river of his mind was not wholly ordered and the thoughts flowed out from the beginning in many directions, in streams great and small. Some crossed over one the other, some gathered in deep pools, others wandered into the Void alone and without governance.

And he perceived that the streams of his mind would fray and split on their journey through the Void, some going wither they would. It was ever the All Father's desire to fashion his thoughts into form and to order them as he would for he knew that his thoughts would take on a life of their own, and cause mishap to his design. And in this he was prescient, as is known. So he took care and made of himself a Shadow to watch over the streams of his thought.

The Shadow of the All Father governed the streams and set them all on a course that bent in the same direction, for it was the Shadow's task to make certain that all the streams and rivers of his thought ended together in deep pools. In this we see the All Father’s eternal strength; but it is also known that when the last of the rivers pool at the feet of the Shadow of the All Father, then the Shadow must consume time itself and thus bring the River of his Thought to completion. All know that those shall be the end of days, the Gonfod. Time and all things that are, or ever were, must end, and only the All Father knows what comes of the new beginning. But none know, save perhaps the All Father himself, when his creation will halt and the Gonfod come, or what might bring it.

Thus the Arc of Time, what the dwarves call, The River of Erde, came to be, from its beginning in the Vesk, the Vessel of the All Father’s thought, where resided the Ea-Iul, the First Wind, which flowed through the Void to its close in the Endless Pools. And Toth, the Shadow, was the first of the great order of beings known as the Val Eahrakun.

~The Andanuth, Codex of Aihrde

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