Monday, September 08, 2014

Talarien's Vengeance

In the Year 771 
The central highlands and Massiff fall. Robert Luther rides with his chivalry to the Vale of Jariel, crosses the river, and defeats the enemy at the Saline River. Talarien learns of the fate of his sister, Vivian, and nephew and in wondrous grief rides alone into the east. There in a rage he breaches the river crossing and rides into the enemy’s camp. None stand before him and the Achel Blade. Upon the doorsteps of the Aenchion's fortress he finds Mammon and calls him to task. During the melee Mammon carries the shield of Owen's skin to parry the rage of Talarien, but the King's brother does no harm to his nephew's flesh, weaving in and out of the battle, until at last he hews Mammon's feet from under him. At that the host fails and flees, and Talarien severs Mammons hands and ears and takes his eyes and all these he threw in the river and Tefnut took them to her bosom so that ever after Mammon was blind and he hated men in madness. Talarien takes up the shield, calling it Owenshield and departs.

There is some respite for the Kings of the west.

~The Codex of Aihrde, The Catalyst Wars as Recorded by Mourilee Pendegrantz

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