Wednesday, July 23, 2014

UFO Files

Its interesting to note that organizations like MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network, are set up to investigate UFO sitings. Whenever there is a siting a someone from one of these groups often investigates to see if they can determine what it is.

Despite popular opinion these aren't just crazy, tin foil cap people, they are investigating strange phenomena. Their efforts often show that whatever was seen is something normal and identifiable. 

This happened over the weekend in Texas when ever 20 people reported something cutting through the sky and splitting in two. As reported on Open Minds, one of the researchers, Powell, cross referenced the sitings with reports from a meteor tracking station and determined it was a large meteor that entered earth above the Gulf of Mexico and split up south of Dallas.

I actually mention this because I've always had the impression that these folks were all nuts, but in reading a bit about the phenomena and the people involved and the organizations I've come away with a different attitude. Sure there are people a little bit "out there" in the UFO network but, every group has that. The RPG community has its fair share of folks who might be out there. 

But as the poster above says . . . 

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