Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Language of Creation

As anyone who reads the Aihrde mythologies (TLG's and C&C World), they know that the building block of all and sundry things lies in the Language of Creation. Understanding this language allows one to do all manner things, one of those things, as noted in the book Rune Lore, is to bend light to protect oneself, hide oneself etc.

Well it seems scientists have done just that. In a laboratory in Cambridge England, they have begun to assemble material out of parts that are less than a few billionth meters wide and the size of these building blocks allows them to bend light through the item, affectively cloaking it from being seen.

Read on!

post script: I have no idea what that graphic is, but it looks cool. It actually looks like an upcoming encounter in my weekly C&C game…after I create a monster around it.

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