Friday, May 23, 2014

Uncovered Murals

A burst water pipe washed away a few chunks of plaster in a hospital in Jerusalem. Beneath the plaster the Nuns in the hospital discovered some rather old murals. It seems that back in the 1890 a French Count, Comte Marie Paul Amédée de Piellat, painted many of the walls in the buildings, decorating them with images of his forefathers, Crusaders. The images are complete with genealogy and heraldry.

The Turks painted over them when they occupied the hospital in World War I, after the British occupation in 1917, de Piellat returned and tried to restore  his work. But died in 1925.

Many of the murals are on display, but many more apparently were forgotten and lost beneath time's plaster. The hospital is diligently working toward raising funds to get the murals restored.


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