Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Red Wind

It is known that during these years that Thorax became acquainted with men. Called by his minions to the Shelves of the Mist he came, covered in the Cloak of Red. They begged him to open the woods and make paths for them to hunt the wild men there, for they proved too dangerous in the dark places of the forest. So the Red God bent his mind and powers to unmaking the trees but they would not yield. He came then to the head waters of the Blue River and sought to choke its flow but Tefnut rose before him and cursed him and bid him leave her domain forever more. Thorax balked at her for she was young and beautiful and powerful. Too she bore kinship to Ealor, god of the seas, and he well remembered the battle of that mirthful god.

So he stayed his hand from moving in the open but rather turned to terror. He unleashed a small part of his hosts from the Homeless House to haunt the Ethvold and hunt the men. But they did not hunt alone, for he joined them, riding a red wind he fell upon men in their homes and castles and murdered them, leaving only a few alive. And those few would tell the others of the red wind and the Cloak he wore and the murder and terror that followed ever after.

~The Codex of Aihrde

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