Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Beat to the Punch Hasbro Goes 3D

TLG has long had plans to acquire 3D printers to add to their print shop. This would allow us the ability to manufacture miniatures and terrain in house. It looks like Hasbro has signed a co-venture with the company 3D Systems in order to "mainstream new and innovative play and co-creation experiences at home and online."

Now last month they filed a trademark for Allspark to  "computer software for creating, designing, modifying, customizing, sharing and saving computer generated representations capable of being printed by a three-dimensional printer to create physical objects, namely, jewelry, ornaments, art objects, artifacts, household goods, toys, games, hobby models, accessories, office products, and various other consumer products,"

Looks like they are going to sell software packages to those who own 3D printers, allowing them to the produce miniatures at home.

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