Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Giants of Callabria Italy

So theses giants are wandering around Italy wreaking havoc! Brave adventurers needed. Ok so, there are some unusual stone formation in Italy called the Stone Giants of Callabria.
The two structures are three-metres apart and are referred to as the Cyclops and the Elephant. The Cyclops is the most difficult to distinguish due to erosion, but with imagination you can see two knees and the legs below them; the remains of the body lie upon the ground beside the legs. Below the Cyclops are caves carved out of the land; it’s these caves that suggest that there was once an ancient civilisation that chose to spend part of their lives living underground.
uhhh yeah. I can see clearly now, the rains have...
There is more. Even an whale!
Anyway, the cool thing is, this could be an encounter area with giants sleeping in the earth. And of course the skeptical locals do not realize they are about to wake the giants!

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