Friday, March 07, 2014

Conan Notes

Looks like we have real confirmation that Arnie will take up the sword of King Conan. From the writer we have that the story begins when Conan has been King of Aquilonia for some time and is now in his mid-sixties. He's older and this will play into the bone crunching some.

And Arnie is fired up.  "Conan is very much alive," Schwarzenegger tells TheArnoldFans. "Age doesn't mean anything to me, because I work out every day. I work out twice a day, as a matter of fact. At night I work out with weights, and in the morning I do cardiovascular training. So for me, to get on the set and to swing the sword around again and to ride the horses and all those things doesn't mean anything [does not scare me], because I feel like I did thirty years ago. So as long as I stay in shape, that's the key thing, and to keep your body young."

All this from  The Arnold Fans, read more.

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