Tuesday, February 18, 2014

sword and sorcery notes part two

So I noticed my notes have a lot of  'nots.'  what my game was not as opposed to what it was or is. I actually am coming across a few things that I had completely forgotten as well.

For example; the s&s game is not one of resource management. In the old days The Game was as much one of resource management as anything else. Arrow slots, ration slots, torch slots, how much and of what to overcome this or that obstacle. Game sessions could turn on poor spell prep, lack of tools, a shortage of - well whatever. I did not want that to be much of an issue. Though I had no manner of overcoming that.

It was not to be based on magic item accumulation or treasure accumulation for taking on ever more powerful creatures, rather skill accumulation. Xp would not be derived from treasure or magic items. I actually got rid of that rule a long time ago in my game so that it would not be an overriding drive for characters -outside of treasure for its own sake.

But on the side of what I wanted the game to be, I had sorta settled on an attribute score generation that runs something like this.

Average creatures get 2dx for attributes, but heroic characters ( player characters) get 3dx. Size effected the hd type. So all creatures 'could' have attribute scores. I remember having tried that for a short time but the amount of work I put into encounters was far more than the output in fun or engagement. So I chunked it, though still like the idea as background.

As for attributes, I had not really settled. The basic premise was three attribute: mind. body and spirit, with each of these breaking into two or three aspects. Couldn't make up my mind. And, since I had changed the magic system and reduced its importance, I kept coming up with more physical aspects than mental or spiritual aspects.

But more on that later.

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