Friday, February 28, 2014

Old Dead People

Death fascinates us. Its as if we believe that we are missing something, some huge part of the puzzle, and because of this we are drawn to it. Every death has a reason, some simple, some complex . . . the latter of which seems to comfort us.

Which leads us to this young lady . . .

Her body was found in a Munich archive. She'd been there for about 100 years, set there, it seems, by someone who had originally found her in the deserts of South America, frozen in time.  They think she was Incan.

A CT scan revealed the young lady, about 25 or so, had had her head bashed in. She was buried in a shallow grave, in the desert where the harsh, dry conditions preserved her body.  Her DNA revealed she suffered from a breathing disease, making breathing very labored. Her facial bones were broken, completely smashed in, probably with some blunt force item.

Archeologists speculate that she was killed in a ritual murder (they stress this is just speculation), perhaps because of her breathing condition. But they have no idea. But whatever the case this young lady's last few moments were not gentle ones.

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