Monday, October 21, 2013

Remnants of the Maul?

Archeologists have unearthed a 2500 year old cellar in Bulgaria. Apparently the cellar belonged to part of a house that was torn down some very long time ago and another structure built on top of it and so on down through the ages. It contained some 30 odd amphorae in stunningly good shape. It would seem the cellar had not been opened in all these many years.

These jars were used by the Greeks to carry wine, olive oil and other such liquid sundries.

This is pretty close to ancient Cimmeria, which lay upon the Black Sea in the southern Ukraine.

It no doubt belonged to a tavern on the Maul where young Cimmerians caroused in his ever present quest for adventure! glory! gold! and booty!

"In the Maul they could carouse and roar as they liked, for honest people shunned the quarters, and watchmen, well paid with stained coins, did not interfere with their sport. Along the cooked unpaved streets with their heaps of refuse and sloppy puddles, drunken roisterers staggered, roaring. Steel glinted in the shadows where wolf preyed on world . . .

Robert E. Howard, Tower of the Elephant.

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