Thursday, May 23, 2013

Torn Asunder

Seems some fellow in Minnesota was remodeling his house. After removing a section of wall he discovered a great deal of papers used for insulation and what nots . . . this was pretty common some decades ago, I remember pulling a wall out of a house my family built back in 1890, at some point in the 20s they had layered the inner wall with newspapers (many of which advertised the miracle of plastic). 

In the mess that fell out he found an old slightly battered copy of Action Comics #1. Not quite realizing the value of it...though he knew it was worth a lot...he proceeded to get into an argument with his wife's aunt and snatched the comic back. She held on and the comic's back cover was torn. 

The gem went from being worth close on to $200,000.00 to only about half that. Plus she RIPPED an Action comics #1!!!!

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