Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Elfquest Returns

Back in the hey days of no one's particular life there was a comic series, in magazine format, called Elfquest. It took as its premise, that elves were small, in the range of a dwarf's height, and filled with a primitive magic; they were warlike as well, though not in the high elves of Middle Earth form. More barbaric. It was good stuff and afforded some great reading.

Well its seems Darkhorse comics is picking up the license and releasing a new series of Elfquest comic books. The Pinis continue to write the books which is cool. The new series charts the return to the forest for our heroes. Titled the Final Quest, it doesn't bode well for a continuing series. But should be fun.

There was a film planned and it may still be in the works . . .


Anthony Simeone said...

Elfquest is a guilty pleasure of mine, for sure.

Stephen Chenault said...

I have to admit I enjoyed them as a kid. This news makes me want to dig it all out!